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Continental Cuisine in Historic Downtown Reading.


    Grilled Atlantic salmon with a minted mango sauce, toasted almond couscous and sautéed baby carrots 20.


    Spinach linguine with sautéed shrimp, sea scallops and summer vegetables in a fresh tomato basil sauce with shaved parmigiano-reggiano 24.


    Grilled beef tenderloin in a mushroom cabernet sauce with caramelized onion and cracked pepper mashed potatoes and sautéed green beans 25.


    Baked jumbo lump crab cakes with tartar sauce, roasted rosemary-garlic new potatoes and sautéed sugar snap peas 27.


    Grilled duck breast in a mandarin orange-honey glaze with an herbed potato pancake and sautéed arugula 24.

Specializing in American fare with artistic flair, Lily's offers entrees and appetizers for those looking for classic American favorites prepared and presented in a unique and delicious way.


    Served medium rare, with crispy Chinese dumplings and a curried peach sauce $18.5

    Sautéed breast of chicken coated with toasted almond breadcrumbs, topped with brie, over raspberry sauce $16.5

    Baked fresh fillet with horseradish butter and breadcrumbs, served on a bed of wilted baby spinach $19

    Two sautéed crab cakes with roasted peppers and sweet corn atop fresh tomato slices, drizzled with basil tartar sauce $21

French Gourmet RestaurantM

Fresh Maine Lobster Cakes.

    Served on a chiffonade of field greens with a warm tar tare sauce. $24.95

Chilean Sea Bass
    Baked on Seafood Risotto and served with a warm citrus vinaigrette $23.50

Pecan Crusted Breast of Chicken
    With sweet potatoes and a honey mustard glaze $17.95

Grilled Moulard Duck Breast
    With Merlot and fig puree $23.50

Beef Wellington

    Oven-Roasted Filet Mignon wrapped with our Chef's special stuffing wrapped in a puff pastry, finished with a wild mushroom cream sauce with herbal essence. Not recommended for Medium-Well or Well done $21.00

South African Lobster
    Seared with medallions with asparagus, artichokes, plum tomatoes tossed with pasta, herbs and butter. $27.00

Atlantic Salmon Fillet
    Sautéed with panache of wild mushrooms, pinot noir, feta and leeks. $20.00

Pan seared with forest mushrooms and spinach, finished with a light cream sauce. $18.00

Wiener Schnitzel

    Prime Veal lightly breaded, sautéed and seasoned with shallots and garlic served over German Noodles. $19.00